...look no further than the next expert judge we have lined-up for our JAN 25 Chef Battle - Krista Faist, the Director of Foodism Toronto

Launched in 2013, Foodism quickly became London England’s largest food and drink magazine, with 110,000 copies being distributed monthly in central London. It’s a website, weekly newsletter and glossy print magazine for those who need to know where to eat and what to eat, right now.

In 2015, Foodism jumped across the pond and set its sights on the growing food hub of Toronto. Foodism Toronto launched in November 2015 and incorporates all of the straight-talking, great-looking content from the makers of Foodism UK with a focus on local trends and stories from Canada’s food and drink capital.

Krista helped launch Foodism in the UK and after spending nearly four years in London, she realised her home of Toronto was calling. With it's vibrant food and drink scene really starting to garner attention, she not only jumped back over the pond in the fall of 2015, she brought Foodism with her. Now as the Director of Foodism Toronto, she's on the ground discovering (read: eating) everything the city is cooking up.

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